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When Good Advice Really Matters: Experience. Compassion. Expertise.

Rod Kemsley has been practicing law in Houston since 2000.  He has a long track record of helping Houstonians in their time time of need; read his reviews HERE and HERE.

Rod truly cares about his clients and takes every case personally, assuring you of the highest levels of service and attention.  If you need the help of a qualified and experienced attorney to whom you will be more than just another client, Attorney Rod Kemsley is the right choice for you.


Attorney Kemsley mainly handles Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases. If you are struggling with debt, filing for bankruptcy is one of many possible options, Rod will help you decide which option is best for you. Kemsley Law also handles Lawsuit Defense, Debt Negotiation and Internal Revenue Service.


Rod is the kind of big hearted guy that you know you can rely on, and good client / attorney relations/ communication are critical to you achieving the best possible outcome and being able to get on with your life.

Rod’s philosophy is that people and debts are separate and that people should always be treated with courtesy and respect. Bad Debt does not equal Bad People. The vast majority of the firm’s clients have had some major financial catastrophe such as divorce, illness or death in the family, job loss or, in the case of small businesses, loss of a major client. Kemsley Law deals with each case according to its own individual merits and what’s best for that particular client.


When you hire Kemsley Law you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a lawyer who understands the complexities of the legal and fiscal systems of Houston – inside out. We will achieve the best possible outcome for your personal circumstances, whatever that that be.

We are here to help. We offer a free,confidential, no-obligation consultation to discuss your personal situation. Please call 281-847-4345 for immediate assistance.

Areas of Practice


Lawsuit Defense

Debt Negotiation

Internal Revenue Service


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