8th Oct 2018

According to the news, consumer debt in the United States has been steadily growing since 2012 and is expected to top $4 trillion by the end of this year.  Debts on auto loans and credit cards climb by approximately 7 … more

23rd Aug 2018

Since 1990, there has been a dramatic increase in the rate at which older Americans file bankruptcy. One study indicates that the percentage of elderly filers has gone from 2.1 percent in 1991 to 12.2 percent in 2018. The cause … more

9th Aug 2018

A few months ago, the Federal Reserve reported that an increasing number of Americans are falling behind on their car or truck payments and are in danger of having their vehicles repossessed. The report states that there are 6.3 million … more

30th Jul 2018

When you turn retirement age in America, you generally look at slowing down a bit, perhaps stopping work and enjoying some time with the grandkids. Unfortunately, things change quickly. Sickness and hospital stays can lead to mounting medical bills that … more

15th May 2018

Now, more than ever, it is time to take control of your credit card debt.  The Federal Reserve reports that overall consumer borrowing in the United States increased by 8.8 percent in November 2017, the most that it has in … more

11th Apr 2018

In a recent study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, researchers have determined that older Americans (those who are older than 55 years of age) are increasingly more in debt than in prior years.  The study states that in 1992, … more

26th Mar 2018

What would you do if the air conditioning goes out in your house tomorrow or if the transmission goes out in your car? Could you afford it? Would you have to go without food or electricity to cover the minor … more

9th Dec 2015

On November 25, 2015, the Internal Revenue Service published a reminder to individuals and businesses changes to the provisions regarding year-end gifts to charity.  Some of these reminders include the following:   First, Contributions of Clothing and Household Items.  In … more

3rd Dec 2015

As of September, 2015, Texas increased the dollar amount of personal property exemptions that may be claimed.  Texas has always had very generous exemptions, but it is now even better.  If you run into trouble with your creditors, you can … more

17th Nov 2015

Do you ever wonder what is showing up on your credit report?  There is an easy way to find out and it doesn’t cost you anything.  The government has set up a program where you can access your credit report … more

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