18th Jul 2015

The following is a sample text you can use; simply copy/paste it into your word processor document. This request can be at made any time, but it must be made in writing. It is always recommended that you send the … more

14th Jul 2015

Photo courtessy of Karl-Ludwig Poggemann/ Flickr   Taken from a series of joint articles by firm associate Adam Schachter (Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer) and David Bueno Martin (Counselor in Houston). Adam: I think financial stress could cause illness. Most forms of stress … more

13th Jul 2015

It is not only the youth or even middle-aged population that is hit with Student Loan debt that is seemingly out of control, but Seniors are now the newest segment of society to face this dilemma.  Student Loan debt for … more

6th Jul 2015

If the creditors are calling you, and the debts they are calling about are debts unrelated to a business, you have significant rights. Different laws protect you depending on who is calling. If the original creditor is calling you, you … more

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