10th Aug 2015

In August 2015, the Internal Revenue Service has issued a warning to all taxpayers regarding Scam Artists posing as IRS agents in order to gain people’s tax information, social security number and payments.  These schemes occur over the phone, email … more

3rd Aug 2015

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) is a federal agency charged with consumer financial protection and consumer complaints.  In their July 2015 monthly report, the CFPB took over 7,474 complaints from consumers regarding debt collection.  There are more complaints about … more

21st Jul 2015

This is a collaboration with Michael Plaks. Home Foreclosure Legal Questions 1. Can I transfer my home to a friend or family member to avoid foreclosure? No. The lender has a contract with you that imposes obligations on you and gives … more

18th Jul 2015

The following is a sample text you can use; simply copy/paste it into your word processor document. This request can be at made any time, but it must be made in writing. It is always recommended that you send the … more

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