21st Aug 2015

Blog post by Adam Schachter. I taught a bankruptcy class recently as part of the Katy ISD Adult Continuing Education program.  When I discussed the means test, a lady showed me a book that she purchased from Nolo, and she … more

13th Aug 2015

Technically you are not allowed to save money while you are in bankruptcy. Although you are allowed to have a reasonable living budget, if you were able to save money, that money should technically go to pay back your creditors. … more

11th Aug 2015

Almost everyone qualifies to file bankruptcy. What people really want to know when they ask that question, however, is ‘can I successfully file for bankruptcy?’. First you need to figure out why you think you need to file in the … more

10th Aug 2015

In August 2015, the Internal Revenue Service has issued a warning to all taxpayers regarding Scam Artists posing as IRS agents in order to gain people’s tax information, social security number and payments.  These schemes occur over the phone, email … more