30th Nov 2017

Around this time of year we tend to increase our debts and start the new year determined to find a debt solution. Many will start 2018 by exploring the options available to them to start the journey towards living debt … more

23rd Nov 2017

Many Americans, including the president, have filed bankruptcy more than once. Life often deals us unexpected cards that leave is deep in credit debt. Being sensible with your expenditure is sometimes not enough to prevent financial meltdown. In fact, US … more

31st Oct 2017

Occasionally, I will have elderly clients walk through the door who have a reverse mortgage on their home.  At the time they took out the reverse mortgage, everything seemed fine and they were excited to receive the money to use … more

24th Oct 2017

We are almost 2 months past the incredible Hurricane Harvey, but still live its aftermath.  Many Texans struggle to keep up their mortgage and car payments after having been displaced out of their home or from being off work for … more

16th Oct 2017

If you have fallen behind in payments to a creditor, whether it be a credit card, medical bill or other type of debt, it is possible that this creditor will file a lawsuit against you in an effort to collect … more

11th Oct 2017

Home ownership, or a place to call our own is a basic human instinct and something all Houstonians desire. When we do finally achieve this life goal, one of our worst fears can be the possibility of losing our home … more

3rd Oct 2017

Declaring yourself as bankrupt is a serious legal step that can allow those drowning in debt to address their financial problems and make a fresh start. Because of the automatic stay and discharge of debts that  Chapter 7 and Chapter … more

20th Sep 2017

  We were all hit very hard from Hurricane Harvey wherever you live in Southeast Texas.  It was devastating to many of us, our family and our friends.  We all know someone who simply lost everything they own to the … more

19th Jul 2017

  You may have wondered about protecting your property if you were to file bankruptcy, more specifically, your jewelry.  There are two ways of protecting property in bankruptcy,  You can either choose the federal exemptions, which are available under Title … more

12th Jul 2017

When you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, a bankruptcy trustee is automatically assigned to your case.  Some clients periodically ask me if we can choose our trustee.  The fact is that we have no control over which trustee is … more